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Stan Sastry, PhD., JD.

Patent and Intellectual Property Attorney



  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • United States District Court, Western District of Washington
  • Washington State Bar Association

Academic background and training:

  • University of California at Berkeley, California
  • University of California Medical School, San Francisco, California
  • The Rockefeller University, New York, New York
  • University of Washington Law School, Seattle, Washington., (Intellectual Property Law)

 Exemplary Patent procuremnt fields:

  • Biochemistry, pharma, nutrition; nutraceuticals; bio supplements; medical drugs; 
  • Medical devices; surgical; treatments; cancer vaccines, drug discovery;
  • Consumer goods; small business invntions; toys; games; sports & gaming equipment; sports gear; clothing and apparel etc.  Methods; process; manufacture.
  • Machines; Instrumentation; devices; tools; kits; equipment; construction designs; appliances;

Legal Field:

  • Patent Procurement
  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  •  Infringement
  • Invention development
  • Client Counseling
  • Patent Application Drafting
  • Patentability Opinion
  • Patent Prior Art Searches

Professional development:

  • Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Medical School Fellow
  • Scientist
  • Assistant Professor
  • Principal Investigator-Grantee
  • Scientific Awardee
  • 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers in top scientific journals
  • Scientific referee for journals and granting agencies
  • Invited speaker for numerous scientific seminars presentation
  • Founding Attorney
  • Instructor, Bar-approved CLEs
  • Teaching Intellectual Property
  • Court-appointed expert witness

Patent Experience:

  •  Stan worked as a Patent Attorney/Agent at Intellectual Ventures LLC., a Bellevue, WA invention/patent company for several years.  At Intellectual Ventures, Stan worked with scientists, engineers, medical physicians and surgeons in every stage of invention development.  Stan drafted and filed numerous patent applications in the biotechnology, drug administration and medical device areas.  Stan counselled inventors and helped bring to focus complex inventions.
  • Stan also worked at Rosetta Inpharmatics, a Seattle-based drug-discovery and biotechnology company.  At Rosetta, Stan was involved in biotech patent procurement and inventor counseling and prior art searches and patent drafting.


  • Washington State Patent Law Association
  • Snohomish County Bar Association

Legal Assistant


Job dscription 


  • Case Intake and docketing
  • Literature search
  • Office Assistance
  • Case preparation assistance