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The legal team at The Law Office of Stan Sastry PLLC is at your service.  Stan Sastry, PhD., JD., will expertly guide you and assist you with your intellectual property law and patent law issues and situations.  At this law office, we offer reliable legal advice, guidance and dedicated legal representation in patent, trademark and copyright matters. Years of experience and our specialized knowledge provides tailor-made and targeted resolutions to your intellectual property matters. Unlike some law firms, we do not outsource your confidential inventions, creative works and proprietary information to third parties in offshore lands. We keep all matters, including inventions, confidential and in-house.   Our services include, but are not limited to all areas of intellectual property with additional emphasis on patents.  We offer legal representation in trademark and copyright matters as well.  Please learn more about our patent law practice focus by visiting these webpages. For more information about patents please visit: http://www.uspto.gov/

Our Patent Services include patent procurement and litigation

Success born out of experience: The Law Office of Stan Sastry offers a high degree of specialized knowledge in patent law issues.  We are a solo practice with assistance from trained assistants.  We keep our overhead costs down by doing a lot of the patent application preparation work in-house.  Thus we are able to offer patent procurement at relatively low cost. We handle patent application drafting in the areas of consumer goods, mechanical devices, medical devices, lifescieces, chemistry and biotechnology. We also specialize in complex inventions especially in the biotechnology and chemical area.  We offer services for utility, design and plant patents.

Our patent litigation services include areas of patent infringemnet.  We offer patentability opinions and guidance on what to do when you receive letters from opposing parties.  We also offer guidance and services if you believe your patent is being chanllenged or infringed.

The Legal Team

We offer full-service patent procurement services in the areas of consumer goods, mechanical devices, sports, biotechnology, life sciences, chemistry, medical sciences and medical devices.  Patent Attorney Stan Sastry, PhD., JD., has a distinguished technical and scientific background.  Stan has an established record of having been a scientist and a professor. Stan has collaborated with scientists, inventors and academics during his career.    Thus our law office has the unique ability to understand and appreciate the inventor's concerns and priorities because, in short, Stan has been there in the trenches and done that.



We offer full-service legal representation and assistance in trademark and copyright matters.  These services include trademark registration, trademark appeals, opposition and copyright registration.  We also offer legal advice and representation in infringement and ownership issues related to trademark and copyright protection. 



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